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Check out these adorable USB powered owls! Imported from Japan by Think Geek, these electronic owls plug into any USB port and power themselves off of the device in which they are plugged in to. Once alive, these tiny robot owls will tilt their head side to side and periodically blink their eyes. Each owl ships with a stump to stand on, and a clip to attach to your monitor for the perfect perch. There’s even settings to control how often the owl moves. Too cool!

Check out the demo video below.



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Kind of..

3D printers have been very popular lately, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t love the idea of  having their own three-dimensional vending machine in their house? I stumbled upon this 3D printer-ready device called Olly, the ‘web connected smelly robot’ which can turn your internet alerts into smells and notify you by your nose instead of your ears. Imagine smelling roses when you get a message from your sweetheart, or the smell of fresh-baked cookies emanating from your workspace when you have something in your inbox from your mother.  Heck, you could even set it so that you smell cinnamon & sugar every time I post an update! I’ve always wanted a scratch and sniff site.

To print your own smelly robot, visit the link below.


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