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Urban Outfitters has a wide selection of owl gifts available on their site, and I noticed a certain colored trend among the items for sale this year. From glitter ornaments, banksLED pens, leather pouches, a shower caddy and tub grips, all the way to an outlandish full body costume; this is one instance where a blue Christmas isn’t necessarily a bad thing!




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With Thanksgiving less than a week away, you may want to start thinking about your Christmas card list and what wonderful owl related cards you will be sending your loved ones this year! I dug up this wonderful duo of snowy owl cards at World Market and wanted to share with those that may be looking for the perfect set of cards to send through the snail mail. With a combination of a pop-up owls and a generic holiday message to accommodate any celebration, I think either set would be perfect for the owl lover in need of the perfect Christmas card.

World Market has a ton of seasonal owl related gift wrap and goods for the taking, so be sure to check out the full lot at the link below.


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The stressful part of the day has come and gone and I find myself relaxing in my Christmas pajamas on the couch with a warm cup of coffee à la the ending of A Christmas Story. As the holiday comes to a close I wanted to share an additional owl gift I received as well as some owl gift tags I made.

To dress up my packages this year I decided to cut some felt in to shapes and glue together to use as owl gift tags. All I used to create them was felt, buttons, scissors, and glue. Cute! I love the wrapping paper I found at Target this year.

I also received some very awesome stone coasters with owls painted in them. They are so cool! Drinks will never be touching these guys!

I had such a wonderful owl filled Christmas this year. Thanks to all that made it possible!


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In need of a last-minute gift for someone with a new addition? I came across these super cute brown owl slippers from Bass Pro Shops after seeing an ad in the mail and wanted to share. After all, there are only 4 more shopping days until Christmas!

Available in both infant and toddler sizes, these reasonably priced slippers feature a non-slip bottom and sock top to keep your little ones safe and warm. If interested, more information and ordering can be found here.


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We’re a full week away from Christmas and I’ve already begun to receive the coolest owl gifts from my friends. I know Christmas isn’t all about the presents, but who’s going to turn down awesome gifts like these?

For the curious, the felt ornament came from Target. I oddly posted about it here back in November. The owl bell ornament can be found at Ten Thousand Villages, and the white owl office supplies are made by ‘Sicura Italian Designs’. I was unable to find any links for them on the net.

Here’s to hoping you get everything you want this year. Happy Owlidays!


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I hate owl puns, but it was just too easy.

With New Year’s Eve on the horizon, you may find yourself in need of this vintage styled bottle opener that is modeled after the famous hootch owl design from the 1930s. Made of high-quality metal, this multi-tasking owl’s wings are also bottle openers making this the perfect gift for any hootch fan.


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Check out these adorable USB powered owls! Imported from Japan by Think Geek, these electronic owls plug into any USB port and power themselves off of the device in which they are plugged in to. Once alive, these tiny robot owls will tilt their head side to side and periodically blink their eyes. Each owl ships with a stump to stand on, and a clip to attach to your monitor for the perfect perch. There’s even settings to control how often the owl moves. Too cool!

Check out the demo video below.


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