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Owl Moon Raptor Center is releasing another calendar for the new year in which 100% of the proceeds go to benefit the rescued birds located at their state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation center in Maryland. The images in last year’s offering were absolutely amazing, and this year is proving to be no exception. This opportunity to obtain a great wall calendar for yourself all while supporting owl rehabilitation is only going to be available for as long as supplies last, so please act while you can. These things make perfect gifts that you can feel good about!

For more information on how to obtain your calendar and make a donation, click the link below.



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I was browsing r/owls when I stumbled upon this fun little owl product that was too unique not to share. ‘Hooty the heatable owl’ is a microwavable plush owl filled with millet seeds and lavender to provide comfort and relief for life’s various aches & pains. I imagine these wide-eyed balls of warmth would be awfully handy in the upcoming winter months as well! Available in a variety of designs, these heat packed plushies are available from UK gadget retailer Gizoo for only £9.95. Details at the link below.


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It’s that time of year again! Time to start your adventure into picking the perfect present for your loved ones this holiday season. For the owl lover, I found Signals to be very generous with their owl related offerings while keeping prices at a minimum.

I shopped here last Christmas and was very pleased with the service and prices so I encourage you to check out some of the new owl offerings they have available on their website. With enough luck you may be able to track down a coupon to make the deal even sweeter! For the full lot of owl gift ideas, click here.


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I know, can you believe such a thing even exists? This Christmas owl iPhone case was spotted by a friend of the site who picked up a few for me while she was in New Jersey and naturally this was my favorite. She spotted them at Five Below, and said they had a wide variety of owl designs, all for $4.95 a piece.

Thanks, Paige!


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In need of a last-minute gift for someone with a new addition? I came across these super cute brown owl slippers from Bass Pro Shops after seeing an ad in the mail and wanted to share. After all, there are only 4 more shopping days until Christmas!

Available in both infant and toddler sizes, these reasonably priced slippers feature a non-slip bottom and sock top to keep your little ones safe and warm. If interested, more information and ordering can be found here.


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I ran across these twisted iron owl ornaments on discount and thought I would share. These glittery owls are quite a deal at $6.50 with free shipping. Shiny!


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Check out these adorable USB powered owls! Imported from Japan by Think Geek, these electronic owls plug into any USB port and power themselves off of the device in which they are plugged in to. Once alive, these tiny robot owls will tilt their head side to side and periodically blink their eyes. Each owl ships with a stump to stand on, and a clip to attach to your monitor for the perfect perch. There’s even settings to control how often the owl moves. Too cool!

Check out the demo video below.


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