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With my brown owl wallflower out of commission due to a power surge, I went to B&BW to check out the new White Barn Collection I  recently mentioned and was delighted at the sight of these adorable Cream Owl wallflower fragrance units. Despite having deluxe, jeweled versions, I settled on this simple cream-colored owl to help warm up my favorite fall scents and provide the autumnal ambiance my soul demands. I even spotted a Cider Lane refill wrapped in a lovely owl design to complete the experience!

This time last year this site could have easily been confused with a Yankee Candle advertisement but I am finding Bath & Body works is getting most of my money lately. Take note. Yankee! You’re slipping!



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Wow. Talk about Bath & Body Works showing all the owl love this year. Each time I go back to stock up on my favorite wallflower refills I am always noticing a new owl item and now they appear to have their own owl-centric line called The White Barn Collection! They really do have a large collection of owl merch this season so instead of posting a ton of pics I will just link to the full lot here.

They have everything from deluxe wallflowers units, metal soap sleeves, ceramic candle holders, gift bags, and even some random socks. This is the mother-load of scented owl products, so take notice!

Remember, there are always coupons to be found for B&BW so look around before making any purchases. If you’re the online shopping type, they are currently running a $1 shipping promotion for orders over $25, just enter FIRESIDE25 at checkout. And that’s on top of the already existing sales!

The house has never smelled so good!


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There is so much owl merch at Bath & Body Works right now! I stopped by my local store yesterday to see if they had the new fall scents out yet and instead found a ton of owl goodies for the taking. The majority of the stuff was a little too ‘girlish’ for my tastes, but that’s not to say someone else won’t enjoy a blue jeweled compact mirror and matching lip gloss case. I was impressed with two fabric bags they had available so I got one of those and also picked up a new Scentportable owl for my car. It looks like the stores are carrying different items than the site so be sure to check both for the full lot. The trip is worth the Hoot Berry alone!


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