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Rotate Your Owl

You may have remembered to set your clocks back this week, but did you remember to rotate your owl?


Thanks, Gwyndyn!


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Burrowing Owls

So rad! Check out this time lapse video of a family of burrowing owls at the San Diego Zoo courtesy of ReportingSanDiego.


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Owl Spotting: Jersey Shore Edition

I was lazily working on some content from my couch today when I happened to look up at the television and saw this.
On a side note: I recently read an article on CNN about a remote that will automatically mute your tv anytime ‘Snooki’ comes on the channel. Interesting!

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Hungover Owls

I absolutely had to share this! I came across this hilarious 2012 calendar titled ‘Hungover Owls‘ which seems to showcase our feathered friends in various stages of sleep while humorous captions are added to make them appear hung over or angry from their previous night’s activities. Who knew owls were such party animals? It’s a bit too bold for my tastes, but the captions alone make for a funny read.

Head over to the Amazon page to see better images of the inside of the calendar.


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Leaving A Mark

A UK woman woke up to find this ghostly image on her car window which was left when an owl collided with the glass at some point during the night. The image is so clear thanks to the owl’s ‘powder down’ that left a perfect imprint of the poor fellow who is no doubt suffering from a huge headache right now.


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