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One of this site’s good friends is Suzanne Shoemaker with the Owl Moon Raptor Center, a regional wildlife rehabilitation center that helps get our favorite creatures back into the wild. We’ve written about them before, but one of her recent blog posts was so great that I had to share some of their work again. Through talking with Suzanne I found that she rehabilitated a male bald eagle at one of my local parks, Maymont. I am always taking trips to see the various owl there, and was blown away when I found myself talking to the person who was responsible for finding these birds of prey a home within my favorite park. A recent blog post highlights the the Great Horned Owl’s breeding season and the owlets that were born there. There are some amazing pictures and anecdotes at the link so be sure to visit the post here for the full account of the wonderful work they are doing in Maryland and the owlets under her care.



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Naked Owl

Ever wondered what an owl looks like under all those feathers? Thanks to the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen, we have a visual of a taxidermied Great Grey Owl that has essentially been cut in half to show the body mass that’s underneath all that plumage. Creep-tastic!


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Wow. I was blown away when I watched the video below displaying a falcon and man coming together midair. Described as ‘parahawking’, this amazing aerial display was shot in Nepal and shows two falcons named Kevin and Bob flying beautifully around their paragliding handlers while a cover of Massive Attack’s Teardrop plays in the background. Breathtaking.


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Good Morning!

Time to get up!

Check out these amazing pictures of a brown bear in Finland making his first appearance after a long winter’s nap.

Judging from the pictures, It looks like he had some trouble getting through the snow that accumulated while he was hibernating and may have passed out again after breaking through.

Can’t really blame him!


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