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Thanks to a pingback, I was alerted to these wonderful DIY Christmas owl themed ornaments and gift wrap created by Traci over at Beneath My Heart. Made from low-cost materials, these handmade ornaments and packaging provide a great solution to those who are looking to add a personal touch to their holiday offerings without breaking the bank.


For full instructions on how to make the unique items shown, be sure to click the link below for the full run down.


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I haven’t been nearly as active on the site lately as I wish I could but I did want to share an owl themed fall wreath I made for the front door and some gel window clings I found on the cheap.

Personally, I’m more excited at the Christmas owl ornament I found at the craft store the other day:

Let’s get this show on the road!


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Spotted these adorable owl tissues at the check-out at Michael’s yesterday. They were less than a dollar. Hoot!


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Happy Valentines Day from The Christmas Owl! We certainly hope you have a wonderful lover’s holiday and take the time today to remind the special people in your life just how much they mean to you. Even for the single, there is still fun to be had on a day like today. From kid’s parties to cupcakes at the office, there is something redeemable in this holiday even for those with the blackest of hearts. I just hope you were spared those awful conversation heart candy. Bleck!

If you’re in need of some last-minute Valentine printables, be sure to hit the link below where I grabbed the adorable vintage Owl Valentine used in the header.



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I found myself with a sweet tooth this weekend so I decided to make a variation of my owl sugar cookie using ‘flood icing’. This was my first attempt at that type of icing technique, so pardon the rough edges. I decided to use pink and white royal icing to match the upcoming holiday, along with yellow candy melts, chocolate sprinkles for the eyelashes, and m&m’s minis for the beak. These make for a simple themed cookie idea when you need to crank out a lot for a children’s party or event.

Happy Owlentines Day!


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Check out these brilliant handmade Valentines!

Blue Purple and Scarlett created these wonderful owl-centric Valentines Day cards using card-stock, punch-outs, and stamps after being inspired by a trip to her local craft store. If you’re interested in making your own owl Valentines, Blue Purple and Scarlett has graciously shared the pattern she created just for this project so that you too can create equally awesome owl Valentines Day cards! Be sure to visit the full site for a ton of additional pictures, card variations, and helpful advice to get you started.

Happy crafting!


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Ordinary Mommy is back with some great new Valentines Day inspired owls! I absolutely love her felt creations that she sells on Etsy, and I was delighted to find she had posted a few Valentine inspired owls for the taking. She has many more variations and sizes of her unique projects over at her Etsy store.

The Little Red Riding Hood set is amazing!



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More felt owl ornaments! This time in Valentines day flavor.

Check out this cute set of 3 owl ornaments made of 100% recycled eco-friendly felt! These handmade creations are made to order, so be sure to allow for 3-5 business days for the items to be crafted and shipped. These would look great as a gift tag or package accessory!


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The stressful part of the day has come and gone and I find myself relaxing in my Christmas pajamas on the couch with a warm cup of coffee à la the ending of A Christmas Story. As the holiday comes to a close I wanted to share an additional owl gift I received as well as some owl gift tags I made.

To dress up my packages this year I decided to cut some felt in to shapes and glue together to use as owl gift tags. All I used to create them was felt, buttons, scissors, and glue. Cute! I love the wrapping paper I found at Target this year.

I also received some very awesome stone coasters with owls painted in them. They are so cool! Drinks will never be touching these guys!

I had such a wonderful owl filled Christmas this year. Thanks to all that made it possible!


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Now that winter is officially here, you may find yourself in need of a new knitting project to help you get through the long nights ahead. SpillyJane Knits is selling the pattern for these excellent knit owl socks over at Ravelry for $6.00. If interested, you can download the pattern in a PDF file here.


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I had some down time this weekend and decided to finally take a stab at an idea I’ve been carrying around of a gingerbread birdhouse.

To save time and money I used a pre-made gingerbread kit that was found on discount after Halloween. The walls were put together with royal icing that I made using a mixture of egg whites and powdered sugar. I cut chocolate wafers into squares and ‘glued’ them on top of the roof for texture. I tossed the orange and black candy that came with the kit and instead purchased candy canes of various sizes that I broke up to use for the windows, columns, and perch. I then rolled and cut yellow fondant for the windows and entry. I used a scrap of gingerbread I cut into a square for the chimney, then added icicles using left over piped royal icing. Finally, I draped the entire thing in melted marshmallow which has a nice snow effect when cooled. Fun!


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While looking for some DIY owl Christmas ornaments I stumbled upon these tiny owl crafts by Sarah Goldschadt. She has been making ‘The Owlies’ for quite some time, but was just recently featured on Martha Stewart’s craft blog The Craft Dept. where she thankfully wrote up a detailed tutorial on how to make these little guys yourself. Her creations were even featured in the craft book Microcraft, where all of the projects are smaller than a spool of thread. Cute!

For those that are looking for a quick fix for their tree can pick up some pre-made owls at her shop here.


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I wanted to share some of the great things for sale in our owl shop. New stuff is always being listed so be sure to come back often.

Please stop by and support us!


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